Setting out on a new path, towards transforming lives, towards helping people achieve their full potential.

As I discovered, transforming others lives through coaching comes later, what it first does is shakeup self, build awareness of where you are standing, and what is your own true potential.

Like my coach says, “you can give, what you have”. I have started looking at my own work and my team in a completely different light.

All anxiety, stress etc., have taken a pause and only positivity is filled within, and the same will be shared outside.

Will look forward to work with people who have a similar desire to usher change in their life, achieve desired goals and want to overcome the feeling of stuck-ness. As a catalyst, I can help individuals replace anxiety with enthusiasm; fear with joy; and constraint with confidence, leading to a happy & purposeful life

I work with entrepreneurs, startup-founders, senior leaders and with my own fellow communicators to make major life transitions with clarity, grace and self-compassion.

Enjoying this process almost pro-bono, in exchange of a book or your personal contribution to any charity.