Are you an avid consumer of self-help content – books, podcasts, ted talks, videos etc.?

Do you look forward to reading or hear something that will help you become better than what you are today?

Do you compare yourself with others and feel that you lack something and you need to work on yourself to get more socially accepted (and you really don’t know what that more means)

If you answer to the above is yes, then my friend you are not alone, because the self-help industry is growing at a CAGR of over 25% and is worth millions.

People consume self-help content believing that they will get some magic pill that will solve all their problems without practising the message itself.

For many, this becomes a habit like earning money, which will never be enough and one is never satisfied even if they have improved substantially.

Over a period of time, it may turn toxic if the habit turns into an addiction.

But if accept your true self and look at marginal improvements without getting obsessed.

More content on self-improvement you consume, more incomplete you would feel, instead introspect and be happy of where you have reached.