#PR consultants of #hedgefund managers and institutional investors had no clue what had transpired when their leaders were hosted on Fox News Media — all they appeared was emotional, without any technical understanding of how #Reddit operates, they could have better prepared them before the interview.

#PRpractitioners scan the news but largely from traditional channels, platforms like Reddit are completely out of radar, the world is changing but we are not.

What happened with #Gamestop was that thousands of small individual #investors did concentrated buying using sites like Reddit & #Robinhood to drive up the #stocks addressed as “meme stocks”.

The lesson here is to move beyond pink papers to understand what’s actually happening in the #market, new age as well as traditional digital platforms are being actively used by investors.

I am sure market experts will have more insights to teach and I want to encourage everyone to come forward and share their understanding of the learning we can gather from this fiasco. A small explanation of what exactly happened is posted below.