One thing I learnt in coaching is that first you need to be the change to change the world.

You as an individual can do a lot, without spending a penny. You have so much that you can share and yet receive it back in abundance. In the following list, money is not even mentioned.

  1. Use your skills, it does not get used up, only gets sharper.
  2. Share love, it does not diminish, your heart flourishes more.
  3. Teach someone what you know, your knowledge will only grow.
  4. Be kind to others, you will see the world getting kinder and calmer.
  5. Live your life with integrity and your integrity will never be questioned.
  6. Speak the truth as often, you will find the world less confused.
  7. Be empathetic to others, you will always be understood.
  8. Smile as often, share laughter, you will never be sad.
  9. Stand with others in their grief,
  10. Discipline yourself, and you see others around you following you.

Anyone can help, you have the skill, just need a will!