Some leaders believe that employees are the core of the organization and their interest should be given priority. They believe that if employees are happy and looked after, customers will flock, get retained well and profit eventually has to come. That’s what Vineet Nayar of HCL believed in and made the firm successful in all respects.

Few leaders strongly believe it is the customer who needs a primary priority, hence the phrase – ‘customer is the king’ dictates all the business operations. Some organizations go to any extent to please the customers, even at the cost of the employee morale or willingness.

So what about profit – does it stand a chance? Well, the ugly truth is that in the capitalist world, this is the strongest objective which the leaders want to drive but will rarely agree to.

Sounds controversial? I know it is, but everyone wants profits – shareholders, investors, board, even employees, and customers prefer buying from the big and known brands only.

What is your view? What is the truth according to you? I am not asking you what should come first but what is actually first?

Can you name some companies in each category?

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