Boomerang employees are those who join their former companies for a second stint. Companies hire their ex-employees because they see some clear advantages such as – familiarity with the company & culture; no training or onboarding required; assume they have improved from outside experience etc.

HBR recently did a study to understand if the Boomerang employees were actually living up to the above assumptions.

Their findings were quite opposite to general belief:

  1. Boomerang employees’ performance tends to remain the same. Also their reasons for leaving the organization for the second time tend to be similar to their first departures.
  2. Both internal and external hires improve more over time than rehires – their initial advantage of being familiar with company, culture, processes help in the initial years where they show better offtake than new hires, but later new hires do better
  3. Boomerang employees are more likely to turn over than both internal and external hires – they have left once, they would do again.

Now, this cannot be an objective truth as it may depend company to company or sector or employees themselves. I am myself a boomerang employee and have stayed spent double the time than my first stint.

Would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think?