In this hyper-competitive world, we are obsessed with winning. We are taught to strive to win. All the books available teach us why #winning is important, how to win, how to stay on top, how to win new business/customer and how to keep striving for more.

Rarely, we are taught how to accept our loss. There is no curriculum in school that teaches us how to deal with #adversities.

Recently #startups came up with the concept of #failfast and encouraged #entrepreneurs to share their #failure stories because each had at least one and others wanted to learn from their mistakes.

But when one actually fails, most established leaders will be overwhelmed with emotions such as grief and anger. There are hundreds of stories of leaders, who crossed the lines to win at any costs. Remember #Enron#WellFargo and more recently the presidential #elections of US.

The point I am trying to make is everyone loses in some point in life, it can be in our professional or personal lives but the thing that will differentiate you is, what kind of a loser you want to be?

Someone who cries and accuses all around or someone who accepts, learns and #hustle again to rebuild?

Your views…