In the Hindu mythology stories, you must have observed when Lord Indra (God of Heaven) is in trouble, he reaches out to Brahma (God of creation). When Brahma cannot solve Indra’s problem, he takes Indra along and reaches out to Lord Vishnu (God of preservation). If the problem is grave and even Vishnu does not have a solution, he reaches out to Lord Shiva (God of transformation). But when the problem is graver, he along with all other Gods reaches out to Goddess Mahakali.

This is an upward escalation of a problem. The problem is if the Goddess solves the problem, next time all the Gods will directly reach out to her.

So the Goddess has to solve the problem of Shiva, why is he not able to solve Vishnu’s problem? Shiva has to solve Vishnu’s problem, why he is not able to solve Brahma’s problem and so on, so that each level can solve their own issues.

A true leader has to make their team independent (Aatmanirbhar) or there will be always upward delegation, and each level will be busy solving the problems of lower levels and not focus on their own job.

The bigger problem is that all will focus on pleasing their super boss and customers or work down the line will be in drain.

Inspired by the book Business Sutras