1. Show you are alive – keep communicating – It’s time to show your resilience
  2. Best opportunity to build trust – innovate something; support caregivers; support law enforcement
  3. For a moment stop worrying about your sales and show up support for the country and its people – you will be remembered – your consumers want to hear from you
  4. Speak to the nation and just don’t focus only on consumers in your messages – you can save your story for the later date
  5. Show your human side – do something for people whose livelihood depends on you, don’t cut contracts; don’t pull back offer letters, etc.
  6. Show empathy towards to the society – show you feel, you care
  7. Avoid all kinds of conflicts and confrontations for the time being
  8. Change your mission, values to meet today’ crisis situation – help the nation to fight it out today