Kalia was a dreaded multi-hooded poisonous serpent, who had made the Yamuna his home, near Vrindavan.

His presence had made waters of Yamuna poisonous. One day while playing Krishna jumped into the river and ordered Kalia to leave the place, but Kalia refused and attacked Krishna.

In a fierce fight, Krishna overpowered Kalia, climbed atop him and danced on his hoods until Kalia reluctantly agreed to leave the place.

On inquiring about his resistance, Kalia informed that this was the safest place for him as anywhere else Garuda would attack and kill him. Garuda apparently was cursed to stay away from Vrindavan and hence Kalia found Vrindavan to be the best hideout.

Kalia had no intention to fight his fears and had grown comfortable in the waters of Yamuna, however over time, he had started poisoning the place with his venom. His deep desire was to move out but fear held him back.

Even we do the same, we get comfortable with one place and don’t venture into new domains or workplace due to the fear of unknown. Being stuck or rather more comfortable in one place, we restrict our personal and professional growth, sometimes even poison our own environment.

But the world outside is changing fast, if we don’t we will turn obsolete.