Yesterday was a euphoric day for Indians when our team beat #Australia in a Test match held in Australia. #Cricket fans joy knew no bounds but at the same time, even non-cricket fans joined the celebrations and congratulating the team across social platforms.

#Sports has something that unites, binds people into one big community and each member of the community experience a kindred spirit and feel closer even to the stranger.

Sports fans have a common language, which makes conversations and understanding easier across generations and various backgrounds. You always have something to talk about.

Fans feel ecstatic when their team wins, upset when a player is hurt, and sad when the team loses.

Sport is great for mental health too as it boosts your testosterone and oxytocin levels.

Sports help you get that short escape from your daily routine, even if it is for few hours, you are away from your stress, troubles of life and focus on the game, you tend to be in a meditative state.

Sports motivates you to go that extra mile, to fight, to struggle, to make a comeback, sports make us realize what normal humans can achieve. We live the triumph, the victory, the euphoria, just like the players do.

As we all #Indians did yesterday.