It’s #Monday again and you are finding it difficult to #focus on your #work, by the time the week ends, you won’t know where the time vanished. You seem to be losing #motivation to be as efficient as you were? Well, you are not alone, this #pandemic has driven many to this state.

Minda Zetlin in an article recommends three things to bring your mojo back:
1) Create rituals – rituals are habits, which you create consciously, to kick start the day and even to end the day. I start my day with my daily prayers and then a short meditation session and end the day with a long walk or a high-intensity exercise session. You can choose what suits you but something that lifts your mood and appeals to your sense

2) Reward yourself – once you complete something important or achieved any small but important task, reward yourself. It can be a small gift, a video game session or even a small treat. Rewards have always been a great motivational tool.

3) Make a connection – call someone, a friend or an old acquaintance and talk to them. I am bad at this but have decided to add to my routine

What’s your technique? Please share with us