However, every work is a chance to do art, each time we get to it. We are known as an artist only if we succeed in creating art, more number of times than any other average worker. An artist need not be only from creative fields, there are artists, who work with numbers, business models and conversations. Art needs to be about intent and communication, not substances as Seth Godin would state it. He says an artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity and boldness to challenge the status quo. An artist will never be a cog in the wheel, he is driven by his own terms.

Having said that, you can still see artists all around us. Sometimes, even at the supermarket, where an exceptional customer service representative uses a conversation to convert an angry customer into a raving fan.

This line I happen to hear it yesterday, while I was watching this movie – Ratatouille, and so true it is! A chef cannot create a piece of art from a recipe, it would not be art anymore, and it will simply be another commoditized meal. So is true for every form of art ever created by any artist, there is no formula that can be repeated in the same proportion in a similar manner to get the same results. Inspiration for creating art comes from within and each time the artist gets to work, it is not necessary that he would create another marvel.

Now check yourself out, if you are a PR practitioner, think of a time when you thought of a brilliant idea, which made it to the front page of the next day’s newspaper. If you are marketer, think of a time when you created that campaign, which the whole world took notice. If you are a digital strategist, think of the viral campaign that came out of your mind and the tap of views just wouldn’t stop. If you have already created such masterpieces, then frame it in front of you to inspire you to create more such exemplary art again. If any of you above have yet not got your piece of art yet, go strive for it. Art is like serendipity, it just happens sometimes, refuse to give up until the world calls you an artist.