Pre-Covid, we were advised on how to maintain a work-life balance by not mixing work and home. We were told to not get work home and when at home, spend quality time with family and rejuvenate.

But since the #lockdown, work seems to have settled quite well in our homes and with that, the balance has gone on a vacation.

We don’t know when we will enter the post Covid19 era and how our behavior will change then, but today we need to take some corrective measures immediately, to avoid any nasty fallout.

We need to adopt the idea that few entrepreneurs have been able to successfully implement and that is called ‘Work-life Integration’, which is nothing but a holistic way of working in synergy with our overall environment, including our family and personal health. As per UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, work-life integration is nothing but, “an approach that creates more synergies between all areas that define ‘life’: work, home/family, community, personal well-being, and health.

So how can you make work-life integration truly work for us? Here are a three basic recommendations that might be useful…

1) Work out a schedule: scheduling becomes even more important in the work from home setting, which not only includes work related to-do but also things you plan to do with your family and even for self, such as family dinner or going for a walk.

2)   Set boundaries and remain committed – once on schedule, commit to it so that it turns into a habit and your juggle between home and family seamlessly, without disturbing any.

3)   Ensure to include healthy goals and rejuvenation activities – We tend to stick to our chairs more at home than while at the office, which will bring to you the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Ensure you don’t compromise on your health and mental rejuvenation. Please add more in the comments…