How you respond to life situations displays your maturity as well your awareness about yourself. The crux of all your education, degrees and experience should build you into a person who knows exactly how to respond appropriately in every situation.

How you react when you are angry?

How you react when you are happy?

How you react when you are sad?

How you react when you are frustrated?

How you react when you see others succeed?

How you react when you fail?

If you haven’t really learnt how to appropriately respond in the above and other such similar life situation, all your degrees, years of experience and knowledge is a total waste.

Having said that, I know it is easier said than done, responding appropriately needs practice of being mindful in all situations. You need to practice silence and patience, so that you could well analyze the situation and then choose your response. We rarely choose how we should respond, it just happens automatically. We need to switch off the auto mode and select the manual response mode.

Pause. Think wisely on what’s the best response to that particular situation and then react. I promise you, your life will see a drastic turnaround just by doing this.