As a #communications professional have you ever wondered how unknowingly we have been doing the same things over and over again in a similar manner? Or when was the last time you felt really satisfied with an output that was #creative and novel? In our busy schedules, managing multiple #clients and multiple issues simultaneously, we seemed to have got lost in our routine. We are unknowingly getting trapped in the deadly ‘sameness’ trap, which is nothing but simply doing the same thing over and over again.

Ofcourse, we do make some minor tweaks, but our repository of ideas has been at somewhat same level. Over time, our plans – monthly, quarterly, annual; or our narratives; or for that matter, even our pitch presentations look identical, which we repurpose over and over again either to our existing clients or new prospects.

We tend to do this because, we may find it quite efficient as it saves our time and efforts without realizing that we have already stopped thinking, innovating. Our mind becomes prisoner of our own ideas, which may have worked well in the past and now for the lack of time or willingness we refuse to experiment with new ones.

We all know that we do this, sometimes due to pressure of time or sometimes simply lethargy. However we must know that such an attitude is like smoking a pack of cigarettes every day, killing our careers slowly each day. So how do we get out of it? Here are some simple hacks that I think might work:

  1. Stop the routine and think through again for every small or big activity you plan to do. There must be a new, better or more creative way of doing it, even though you have done it several times before but still think how you can do it differently.
  2. Brainstorm – I know it’s a very abused word and rarely we see practiced in reality, still gather few people around and try digging new ideas, new thoughts. Include freshers, interns or even non-core professionals in your sessions, you never know whose bulb might suddenly light up.
  3. Check for examples outside your domain, such as digital, outdoor/events etc. Every novel sounding idea many a times is just a combination or two already existing concepts.
  4. Ask for advice – Go talk to professionals, experts, thought leaders etc., many a times these guys have plethora of experimentable ideas, go ask! 

The danger of #sameness is far more critical than it sounds because many of us don’t realize until we get marginalized. So do a self-audit today and change as soon as possible. If you think of any more ideas that can get us out of this rut then please post in the comments below.